Arty farty….

So today I finally worked for more than just an hour on some artmaking. Usually I find every excuse under the sun to not make, when really I’m just scared of seeing what will happen, fear gets in the way of the fun in making. So I’m back doing the fun stuff …yay. During the last school holidays I worked on some paintings and drawings based on some patterns from Sri Lankan homewares I have in my house. I started photographing these and then creating patterns out of them on Adobe Photoshop. Today I started to cut into the print outs of the patterns and ‘played’ for a while. Having a background in installation art it isn’t surprising that I ended up sticking stuff to the walls of my house. I’ve also been looking at Beci Orpin’s work lately, finding inspiration from the playfulness in her use of shape and repetition. So here it is peeps, my first step into artmaking for a while. Please be nice, I’m still tender from the BHB un-conference, you know layers of feelings to work through and all that. But feedback is always welcome. IMG_1255










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