Collecting and arranging…

Our wall of stuff. Luke and I have collected images and other stuff over the years and I put it altogether like this in our new place.
My favourite nook in the house. I love collecting and arranging objects, could do it for hours.
Luke bought me this image a few years ago. I feel like these are the Mexican versions of me, both as a girl and as a boy.


Artwork by Casey Payne given to us for our engagement. Tiny lady from Paris.
I love this corner of stuff. The scales are from my Dad, I think they were his Dad’s. Cooking books are my favourite kind of book.
This little ensemble is a mix match of presents etc. Over the years my friends have always bought me little treasures that I absolutely adore. Luke and I bought the egg cups in Gent, Belgium at the beginning of the year.

So I have just posted a few photos of my favourite little nook in our new place. Although the overall aesthetic of the architecture is minimal, Luke and I are definitely the opposite of that. Luke has a lot of books to say the least and I love objects, pictures, knick-knacks and all things like that. I think we are both collectors and it’s what I love the most about our home – it reflects us. Objects have been given to us or we have bought them over time, some totally tacky and others pretty lovely. Since moving to the birdhouse Luke and I have had the most awesome time arranging and re-arranging objects, furniture and so on. The op shop down the road (Salvos) is somewhere we like to go to forage for goodies. Also ‘Lost & Found’ is another favourite place, although the closest one has close down, maybe this isn’t such a bad thing :).

I have kept some ornaments etc. from my parents home when I was growing up. The images on the wall above have a couple of small artworks from my grandparents home, a little token to remember them by. For me objects, although materialistic, hold a nostalgia or ‘energy’ for one of better word. They evoke emotion and memory and make me feel at home. I’m not sure why I like to be surrounded by little things, they just make me happy. Sometimes I pack them all away and try to be minimal for while. This never lasts long as I always crave to look at them, almost missing their company.

One of my favourite things about going to Europe at the end of last year was staying in apartments through Air BnB. Each apartment we chose had a collection of pictures, objects and artifacts, telling us something about the owner or something they wanted us to believe. Even the shops in Spain seemed like they used objects to create curiosity from the passer by. Of course Luke and I were hooked and went into any interesting knick-knack/ op shop looking shop we came across. We came home with more objects and images, adding to our collection of narratives past and present. Do you collect?

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