Area of Study 2
Art making and meaning

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In this area of study you are encouraged to develop and apply skills while exploring areas of individual interest to create artworks. You will undertake a range of experiences that offer different ways of working and develop an understanding about how to use the art process. You will build confidence through the exploration of techniques, materials and processes. You will create and develop a range of visual responses using imagination and observation in a selection of tasks. You will investigate the artistic practices of selected artists or styles as inspiration for the development of their own visual responses. You will engage in creative and technical processes with a range of materials and art forms and use a visual diary to document their reflections, exploration of ideas, and experimentation with materials and techniques. You will reflect on your own art making and examine how they have developed their visual language. And you will use the Structural Framework and the Personal Framework to analyse and evaluate your visual responses.


  1. For this task you are asked to investigate the work of 3 differing artists. You are also required to create 3 small artworks using elements of the art process for each. These artworks do not necessarily need to be resolved, but they do need to explore and express your chosen concept or area of interest.
  2. These artworks will directly be inspired by one of artists you have investigated and will come under the umbrella of the following types of art processes: PAINTING, ILLUSTRATION, ANIMATION/ VIDEO, PHOTOGRAPHY, INSTALLATION/ SCULPTURE/ PERFORMANCE.


Choosing to work with paint means that you will end up working with acrylics, water-based oil paints or watercolour. Paint has been used throughout art history to express a myriad of concepts and express the what it is to be human and all the flaws that go with that.


Beci Orpin

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Del Kathryn Barton

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Reko Rennie

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