Dreaming of sleep…



Tracey Emin, I Dream of Sleep, 2002.
Tracey Emin, I Dream of Sleep, 2002.

Tracey Emin, always with something enlightening to share with the world through her artworks, books and interviews, ‘love’ is what I feel for this woman.

So anyway this morning my alarm went off at the usual time and I woke up in shock that I had to get up, my body wasn’t ready.

What a strange feeling sleepiness is? I haven’t been able to shake the sleepy, almost groggy feeling all day. Students at school requested a nap this afternoon, what a bloody great idea? I wish I could have a quick power nap, at work, on a couch or something or even on the carpet. The kids seemed to think it was a brilliant idea and their faces lit up when I suggested it. They want to have a little kip every Thursday afternoon in Art class….wow, what would my principal think of this? I think it would make for a more productive afternoon altogether really. Siesta, nap – call it whatever, I really miss them at work and wish it was incorporated into part of the curriculum at school and normal work day for us grown ups. Maybe I will incorporate nap time into my school holiday workshops sometime :). What are your thoughts on nap time at work?


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