Pondering on a Sunday afternoon…

So after a most beautiful day spent eating and chatting with my Mum I find myself laying about my house on a Sunday afternoon. I think this may be one of the greater things in life. Sunday afternoons seem filled with a quietness and stillness unlike any other day of the week. Is it just me or do other people notice this also?

Laying about my house feels completely luxurious and almost self-indulgent, both of which I quite like the feeling of. Although I have some anxieties about having to get up and go to work tomorrow I still feel a sense of calm and almost sleepiness about the afternoon. We have the most amazing light that comes through our lounge room and the day becomes part of us. I can see the sky, trees and hear the birds singing. I feel utterly grateful for such a feeling and for having a life where I get to do such things that I’m sure not many people in the world get to do.


After hearing about the state of affairs in Nigeria and thinking about mothers in detention centres and all the other thoughts that have filled my head this afternoon I feel totally grateful for the most awesome life I get to live. I know I’m crapping on a bit but I feel the need to share my thanks beyond just my own crazy mind.

Today of all days I have been thinking of my Dad and how he lost  his mother at the age of 18. I think about my grandmother and the love she gave to him and all of us grandkids. I have had a truly blessed life filled with much love and it is only getting better. For those of you without a mother to kiss or hug today I empathise with your feeling of loss or pain. Afterall we really should be thankful for those who give us unconditional love on more than just one day of the year. I hope to be able to tell my loved ones that I cherish them on a more regular basis, maybe I’ll call more or send text messages. Or maybe when I sit on a Sunday afternoon pondering the world and my meaning in it I will take the time to think about them and let my love beam into the air and maybe even into the universe, even just for a moment.


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