A little sickness = down time

Here is a little train doodle I made on my way to work.
Here is a little train doodle I made on my way to work.

So I’m sick again – woo hoo. I know it’s super boring to blog about so that’s all I’m going to say. It’s not serious, I’m not dying, I just have a wee head cold and I’ll be back to work tomorrow (I’m saying this as I know my family look at my blog…. love you xo).

As I’ve been laying in the dark and contemplating the meaning of life I realised something. I got sick to slow down a bit. Recently I’ve been working 4 days a week at school, tutoring for four hours on Saturdays, going to the gym, painting and blogging, teaching a bit at Work-Shop, organising my mind for a possible proposal for an exhibition….shiiiish.

My body woke up yesterday and said ‘Bitch – slow the f$5k down’. So here I am blogging when I should be resting. Anyway….so this post will be ultra short as it is just to say 3 tips for wearing lots of hats in your life and making it through without passing out….

1. Listen to your body and rest when it tells you to. If that means laying still in the dark or silence for a while, then that is totally fine.

2. Just get shit done and then you can stop stressing and your brain will stop whirring so you can sleep, watch a movie or just have a normal conversation. But as a human you can only do so much, so take it easy.

3. Watch your favourite shows, eat cake/chocolate/chips and be nice yourself as often as you can.

That is all.

A train doodle I made on my way to work.
A train doodle I made on my way to work.

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