Five Random Things…

I have mined the depths of my ‘my-ness’ so here goes my round of 5 random things about me inspired by Pip at…

1.I once had food poisoning so bad that according to my parents I nearly died. I was about 11, I think it may have been food poisoning and an allergic reaction combined – sorry yuck. I remember seeing my reflection in the mirror and the rash/ swolleness had deformed my face a bit. Also I had an adrenalin shot to my chest that made my heart beat like in the cartoons.

2. I bungy jumped in Queenstown with my friends Katie and Karen when I was 21/22 and it was awesome.

3. I always wanted to be a teacher. I have denied myself the truth of admitting that for ages but it’s true. I especially wanted to be like Mrs Cairns from primary school who used to decorate the whole room in theme, like under the sea, Irish etc. She also used to play music and dance on her desk. I’m building up to that one.

4. I really don’t like stand up comedy. I know I’m sorry – does this make me ‘unMelbourniane’? Perhaps I would break the rules for Dylan Moran but the rest just make me want to put my fingers in my ears and sing ‘la la la’ to ease the pain of listening to them. Sorry comedians.

5. I like to moisturise my entire body after I shower. I love it. My skin is really soft all the time, it makes me feel pretty.

I loved doing this. Thanks Pip xo

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