Crocodiles, boom boxes and pirates….my paper bunting adventures

Selina Braine babyboypaperbunting

Selina Braine rocketshippaperbuntingSelina Braine boomboxpaperbunting

Selina Braine piratepaperbuntingSelina Braine crocpaperbunting

Selina Braine dinopaperbuntingSelina Braine cricketpaperbunting

Selina Braine spacepaperbuntingSelina Braine closeupbabyboypaperbunting

Selina Braine altogetherpaperbunting

Recently I have been inspired to make all things out of coloured and painted paper. Of course people like Beci Orpin ( and Kitiya Palaska ( have been most helpful with ideas, fun colour schemes and just plain old having fun getting my craft on. This set of bunting is for my friend Adele’s baby boy. Can’t wait to see what it looks like above his crib.

To make some paper bunting of your own all you will need is paper, scissors, a glue stick, some watercolour paints and paper, silver paint, brushes, watercolour paper and a black fineliner. And then add a whole heap of imagination and child-like fun. If you would like a step by step instruction sheet just shoot me a message.

Happy Wednesday!

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