Cheese plants. I love them.








When I was growing up my Dad was always in the garden. Growing up in Queensland meant that ‘garden’ meant tropical paradise. Inside the house he always had exotic plants beautiful potted and perfectly set against the interior colours and textiles of our lounge room.

Now that I’m a grown up (kind of) the green thumb has been past down. I have potted many plants both inside and out. My favourite is the ‘cheese plant’ or Monstera Deliciosa. Houses from the 50s had these plants growing to huge heights with leaves the size of small children. Having bought an Eames book and looking at magazines on interiors, Luke and I bought a ‘cheese plant’ of our own a few months ago. It thrives in our light filled living room. It intrigues me, with it’s almost prehistoric shapes and curves. These plants have become super popular of late, with the leaves popping up in prints, paintings and store fronts all over Melbourne.

For weeks now I’ve been planning on painting the leaves for my Dad as a Christmas gift. To thank him for sharing his love of gardening with me. Above is my first attempt at trialling a compostion of the shapes and curves of the monstera deliciosa that I love so much. What do you think of it?

Happy Sunday.

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