22 May is our day….


Luke and I celebrate 9 years together tomorrow. Woah! The only reason we know this is because our friend Eric had the moment we met on film on his camera, how bizarre? And the date just stuck in our minds. Now I know it’s not 10 years, but I’m pretty impressed that we are still just as the photo above shows, in love and happy. Yes I know it sounds corny but it really is the truth. We married I think about four years ago, but what we really like to celebrate is the day we met. After all if we didn’t meet we wouldn’t have the life we have now.

I was only 23 when I met Luke. We moved to Melbourne together after only 8 months of knowing each other. He is my best friend, biggest fan and all round super beautiful person. Of course there are times when I want to just ignore him or need to hate him for a little while, but I don’t know any couple that doesn’t go through this. We live and breathe each other everyday, it’s not a walk in the park but it sure has a nice breeze, and come on, who doesn’t like a nice breeze?

I feel like the last 9 years have kind of helped me become the person I am today, I mean of course they have. But without this relationship I think I would have turned out to be a really different person. Luke has taught me so much about the world of film, literature, his brain, his book collection, music, art and all that good stuff. Most importantly though he has taught me about myself. I have been able to learn my strengths and vulnerabilities. I have learnt that loving is something I really like doing. I also really like taking care of people. That touch, you know like hugs and squeezes (not the sexy kind), is something that instantly makes me feel good, safe and loved. He also taught me that I am a nice person, which I always kind of thought wasn’t really part of my person, I always thought I was tough and abrupt.

I told Luke the other night, as we were lying in bed,  that I never thought I would ever meet someone who I could be totally 100% myself with, completely vulnerable and with my heart on my sleeve. So thanks Luke for being that person that I can be totally myself with. You are so super awesome, a little eccentric and a lot lovely. You are my family, you are my person (words taken from Offspring, sorry I had to, was just so beautifully stated last week) you are my love. X

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