On completion of this unit you should be able to analyse and interpret a variety of artworks using the Structural Framework and the Personal Framework.

To achieve this outcome you will draw on key knowledge and key skills outlined in Area of Study 1.

Key knowledge

  •  the factors that influence responses to artworks
  •  the relevant aspects of the Structural Framework and the Personal Framework
  •  ways in which artists express social and personal interests, experiences, ideas and intentions
  •  terminology used in discussion and research.

    Key skills

  •  apply relevant aspects of the Structural Framework and Personal Framework to analyse and interpret artworks
  •  research and discuss how art reflects the personal interests, ideas, experiences and intentions of the artist
  •  formulate and substantiate personal opinions with reference to artworks and related references
  •  use appropriate terminology to discuss artworks.

We will begin analysing the work of Del Kathryn Barton, Reko Rennie, Christian Thompson and ZHU WEIBING AND JI WENYU.


You will answer a number of short response questions in class and complete an extended response under exam conditions for our final assessment.