Spring has sprung…

It’s been a hectic couple of months. I’ve been busy teaching a couple of workshops, one at Deakin University in Burwood and one at Workshop Melbourne. I have 2 more coming up soon at Workshop Melbourne, one on October 31st and the other on November 21st. Hope to see some of you there.

Next month I will be taking part in the annual Teacher Art-maker Project, run by the University of Melbourne. The exhibition opens on November 10th from 5:30pm, at George Paton Gallery, Union House.

The theme for this year’s exhibition is Reciprocity (learning from giving back). The exhibition is part of a larger research project, researching the links between teachers from the Masters of Teaching course art practices and teaching practices. Last year was the first time I exhibited in the show, after many years of not exhibiting. It unleashed a new found love of making and launched my practice into new ways of creating and exploring the links between my own teaching and art making.

So, anyway, this year I have been working digitally for the first time. Using Illustrator to create a bunch of new artworks. I mainly started working with Illustrator to refine my skills in order to teach VCE Visual Communication Design. The themes of my work are generally to do with bloodlines, cells and mapping. Cultural identity is at the core of my practice and through looking at maps, cells etc I have started to incorporate abstracted collage, colour and line.

Here are some pics of what I’ve been making. Whoops, I almost completely forget to mention that I’ve been working on an article for a great new magazine, Bread Wine & Thou. It is coming out real soon. I’ll keep you a little bit in suspense for now and I’ll post something when it comes out, I promise.

Selina Braine, 'Mangopickleadidasblur', 2015

Selina Braine, ‘Mangopickleadidasblur’, 2015

Selina Braine, 'Srilankangreencurrystain', 2015

Selina Braine, ‘Srilankangreencurrystain’, 2015

Selina Braine, 'Fragments #3', 2015

Selina Braine, ‘Fragments #3’, 2015


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